How this mum found support when her Village was separated

When Bridget, shifted her life from Boston to New York in pursuit of her dream to work within the fashion industry, she wasn’t at all expecting to find the love of her life; nor did she think an international relocation was ever on the cards.
Fresh out of college, and eager to immerse herself within the fashion industry, Bridget committed to a career-orientated leap of faith, soaking up the palpable fashion/tech scene that New York City delivered just over five years ago. With a clear determination to ‘make it’ no matter what came her way, Bridget’s strong fashion goals left no room for ‘love’ in her clear pathway to success.

Fast-forward two years and she’d fallen head over heels for an Australian accountant, Anthony, with imminent plans to move back to his hometown, Melbourne. Now, almost two years on, Bridget and Anthony find themselves happily engaged, juggling a New York wedding postponed due to COVID and a sweet little addition, Cooper, who is now 5 months old.

The recent and dramatic shift in the global landscape has left the now family of three, encountering the transition to parenthood without the support of Bridget’s family, who throughout the duration of her pregnancy were planning on an extended trip to relish in the special moments that come with a brand new bundle of joy.

Chatting to us openly about how the trio went navigating the transition without the closeness of her family, Bridget reveals how finding the silver-lining in even the smallest of aspects made the biggest difference.

‘It’s such a huge shift in dynamics, across so many fronts, so once I started finding my feet after Cooper, Mother’s Group was the most wonderful support. Without the opportunity to meet face-to-face, I feel extremely lucky we all managed to bond across a virtual platform. The support of a group of first-time parents, all transitioning through the same timeline of changes, has been especially helpful during those times you just want confirmation that what your dealing with is the same as others,’ explains Bridget.

Detailing how her Mother’s Group now catch up face-to-face, often walking together and meeting at the local park, Bridget also recounted the way she made personal goals everyday to connect with someone else, whether a FaceTime with her parents, or exchanging with the cashier as she whipped to the shops. ‘It was so important for my mental health to just ‘connect’ with someone everyday. Obviously having Anthony working at home, it’s been great to know someone was ‘just there’ if I needed, but to personally challenge myself with small goals each day has really helped establish my confidence as a first-time parent,’ says Bridget.
The most special aspect during lockdown, for both Bridget and Anthony, was without a doubt the addition of time spent as a family. The extended baby bubble as a result of the ‘stay at home’ order certainly meant no shared extended family time, yet it opened up an often sought but seldom found opportunity, where Bridget and Anthony were able to intimately connect with Cooper, before showcasing him to the world. ‘That extended baby bubble was just so precious to us. It meant Anthony was able to spend time with Cooper in the morning and afternoon, where he'd otherwise be commuting to and from work, meaning more lazy mornings before 9:00am, and quick family lunch breaks together,’ Bridget recounts.

A moment they’ll never experience again as a brand new family of three, Bridget and Anthony are so grateful for the frozen moment in time, where the outside world stood still and the love and connection blossomed in their family home, whilst Mother’s Group albeit virtual, provided a wonderful source of support.

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