Three Questions That Guide The KYND Baby Design Philosophy

At KYND Baby, we practice value-driven design; our values of connection, honesty, quality and sustainability underpin everything we do, including designing our products. Working closely with our community to understand the challenges that parents face, we focus on creating thoughtful, high-quality, beautifully designed pieces that not just meet the needs of the modern Australian family, but improve their lives through functionality they can rely on.

Below are the three questions we ask ourselves as a design team while designing every one of our products to ensure we are always living up to our values and creating the best products for parents, babies and the planet.


1. Is this truly going to help parents?
Our goal is to create pieces to help families live lives of meaning and purpose by transforming the challenging aspects of parenting into positive experiences.

Never compromising on functionality, we design openly, working alongside our community of parents, and constantly seeking meaningful engagement and feedback. This engagement allows us to integrate their voice into our design process quickly and in a meaningful way, ensuring that our products are more than just beautiful and functional; they’re essential pieces.

2. Is this good for the planet?
If we’re to live up to our value of honesty, and if we’re serious about creating products that make life better for the brave parents who are toiling every day to create better futures for their children, then we need to consider sustainability in all of our design decisions.

We invest much time and effort into researching sustainable fabrics and compostable packaging, endeavouring to continually innovate and produce pieces that are soft, comfortable and good for the environment. Knowing that baby clothes by their nature are used for a short time, designing top-quality, timeless pieces that flow between genders, and can be passed from sibling to sibling, is important. They really do grow up quickly!

3. Is it beautiful?
At KYND Baby, we are truly inspired by nature; think of a baby’s first sunset, the first time little toes meet the soft sand, and by using gentle and earthy tones, together with minimalistic prints like our signature rainbow or classic stripe, we strive to create stylish, timeless pieces any parent would be proud to put on their precious little one.

Grounded by our values, we believe that what is truly beautiful is truly honest. We believe that parents are doing the most important work on our planet, and that is why we work with our community to design products that cultivate connection and help our children inherit a rich, diverse view of their environment.

Linda xxx

KYND Baby Senior Designer

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