Nurturing the Parent-Baby Connection

Representing those immediate twelve weeks earth-side for your littlest love, the fourth trimester highlights a time where day and night no longer exist, and the debut of three-hourly cycles is met with a euphoric bubble of soft cuddles, hazy days, and the continual smell of roasted coffee.

Understanding that a woman's pregnancy journey doesn’t simply end once she has given birth, the fourth trimester highlights a period of adjustment, as parents navigate their fatigued way through hormonal changes, and unfamiliar territory, as they instantly uncover what it means to be a parent. These twelve weeks offer a warped sense of time, as parents begin to explore their new-found roles, nurturing their littlest love as they awaken to the world, external to the womb.  

Wanting to celebrate your imminent/new-found parenthood, we would love to share our tips to help you thrive and survive your fourth trimester.


Reaffirming your little ones' love and need for closeness outside of utero, babywearing promotes the wondrous connection between parent and baby, mimicking an environment much like that of the familiar and safe womb they know.

Highlighting the rhythmic sounds of a parents’ beating heart and breath, babywearing can instantly bring our babies back to a place of security, promoting the production of Oxytocin, a beneficial hormone responsible for intensifying the bond between baby and parent. Further benefits of babywearing include:

  • Boosting breast milk production
  • A hands-free option whilst remaining close
  • Additional movement can often help settle digestive discomfort

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 Learn more about How To Use Your Sling here and Babywearing Safety here.

“Skin to Skin”

Always advocated directly after birth, ‘skin to skin’ contact is a fabulous way to deepen the connection felt between parent and baby, and is encouraged well beyond the Sacred Hour (the first hour following on from birth). 

Harbouring a similar intent to babywearing, ‘skin to skin’ time helps regulate baby’s heartbeat, breath and temperature, encouraging them to adapt to life outside the womb, while simultaneously promoting the production of Oxytocin, the ‘love’ hormone.

And, no matter if you’re breast or bottle feeding, combining feeding with ‘skin to skin’ time helps to elevate the loving connection and comfort felt between parent and bub. 

Wash Time

Whether it’s in a bath, or even in the shower whilst enjoying ‘skin to skin’ with a parent, bath time is yet another opportunity to further develop the loving connection felt between a parent and their littlest love. The sensation of warm water, and the familiar tones of voice, mimic the womb environment for your littlest love, while the comforting touch of a parent adds to the deepening bond.   

Let us know what lovely things you do to encourage a deeper connection between you and your little one, during the fourth trimester.

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