Why Sustainable Viscose is the New Fabric Choice for Parents

Ever imagined a buttery-soft, sustainable fabric could come from the fibres of ‘wood pulp’?

Neither did we!

A discovery that came from nurturing a sustainable approach to beautifully designed newborn apparel, our KYND Baby team were dedicated in our commitment to finding a buttery-soft fabric that offered breathability and comfort for newborns.

Honouring important factors including: high quality and long-lasting durability; the answer was found in a sustainable viscose fabric, made from natural sources. Versatile in its application, this sustainable viscose was the perfect choice for KYND Baby’s range of baby apparel, bedding and swaddles.

Known for being delicate and light-weight, sustainable viscose is absorbent without trapping heat and is a high-quality fabric that holds its colour even after long-term use. 

Aligning with KYND Baby’s commitment to sustainability, sustainable viscose is a natural fabric, biodegradable, compostable and environmentally friendly - a clear winner, if you ask us!

Derived from wood pulp and carefully developed from the yarn stage with our key supplier, EcoCosy®, a well-regarded supplier who produce their viscose from 100% sustainably-managed and renewable plantations, sustainable viscose excludes any synthetic elements and is resistant to static electricity and pilling. Inviting a timeless appeal backed by durability, this product is the perfect match for KYND Baby garments and a well-researched and trusted fabric for your little one.

So, when you’re rolling around on the floor giggling with your little one, take comfort in knowing they are wrapped within a soft, safe, intentionally curated fabric, ideally designed with delicate newborn skin in mind.

With love,

The KYND Baby team x

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